Personal Injury Claim Testimonials

“Mr. Todd, What you did was the most wonderful thing to happen to my family in a long time. You helped us get on our feet again and for that you have my heartfelt ‘thanks.’ You and Kathy have special meaning to me and my family. All the best to both of you.”
Valerie G.

“We just want to say Thank You for all the help you have been to us with my personal injury case. You all have been so kind and thoughtful and this has been so helpful during this stressful time we are going through. You all have always been there to answer questions, meet with us, and have been so efficient. We just really want to say thank you. The settlement has really helped relieve a lot of my stress. May God bless each one of you.”
Wayne F.

“Shane meticulously filed lawsuit on my 3rd accident for a great outcome! Wow! What an attorney! Who can have 3 accidents and 3 workers compensation claims and still get great results? I would recommend Shane anytime – to anyone in need of a great attorney – who truly cares about his clients!”
Jana H.M.

“Mrs. Radcliffe, I just want you to know how very much I appreciated your work in representing me before the Social Security Administration. You are a blessing to those who come to you for help with their cases. Thank you for your understanding, hard work and absolute professionalism in handling my case. I will recommend you without hesitation to anyone who needs this type of legal help.”
James R.

“Mr. Rowe was definitely the best attorney we could have ever hired! He took the extra time and effort to explain what we needed to know and hear. You truly have one of the best attorneys working for your firm! Thanks again.”
Danny B.

“Just wanted to say thank you for all you and your office did in getting my case approved. I received funds today. Thank you.”
Susan H.

“We wanted to let you know how very much we appreciate you. You made this easy for us. The peace of mind is indescribable. Thank you for doing your job so well.”
Robert K.

“Thank you so very much for changing the lives of myself and my child. I appreciate your kindness and the integrity you used during my case. You and your staff are true professionals and very caring and understanding at the same time. I will definitely tell everyone how great you all are. Thanks so much again.”
Lottie G.

“Thank you so much for responding so timely to my case for disability. My husband and I know that this is not an easy process and we would have been lost without your help. We worry about our future especially as everything seems to get harder each day for me. The harder I try, the more difficult simple things become. My husband and I have always believed in working hard to make a living and not depending on handouts. We are very grateful for all your help with this case.”
Robin & Mike M.

“I would very much like for you and your staff to have lunch on me. We can not thank you enough for your help in getting back the UM funds. You and your staff are superb!!! Please give Nicole a pat on the back for putting up with me on the telephone – she’s great. Enjoy the lunch.”
Jerry F.

“Mr. Rowe is a very pleasant and capable attorney. I feel he performed a higher quality of work and produced a much better settlement than what was originally offered. Thanks.”
David B.

“Just a sincere note to say Thank you for settling my premises liability case and getting me a nice reward. My daughters are taking me on a trip which I’m sure we will enjoy. Thanks for making it all possible. My prayers are with you.”
Sue S.

“Warren and Kathy were great. Very professional, non-judgmental, patient and very sincere.”
Stephen C.

“Please accept our sincere thanks from my family and I. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to my claim. I will always recommend you to my husband, family and friends who are in need of SS benefits. Special thanks.”
Virginia D.

“I feel Shane and his team did an exemplary job on handling my case. You have an outstanding lawyer working in your firm. Thank you.”
Patricia T.

“Thank you all for your help. I couldn’t have managed without you. It is impossible to tell how grateful someone is by answering a questionnaire so I’m adding this note of personal thanks to you and your staff for all your help. I know I couldn’t have done it without your help. You have surely made a difference in our personal lives. Thank you very much.”
Frank C.

“To hire a law firm is not an easy process but you guys made it easy. Thanks!! Keep up the good work… Satisfied Client.”
Glen T.

“I liked the way you interviewed me and checked out my case. I was lucky to get you. You explained everything in detail… You’re the best!!!”
Katy Q.

” Thank you for all your help. My life is so much easier now. I got a new car and start school in March. Thank you so much.”
Judy M.

“Thank you so much for all your help. My case could not have been handled more efficiently. You and your staff of impressive professional people earned my confidence and I will definitely refer others to you.”
Katherine S.

“The firm was very helpful. I will not hesitate using this firm for other cases if needed.”

“Keep doing what you do best. My paralegal and my attorney were very understanding and The Best!”
Rowena V.

“It was so nice to work with a wonderful team – you guys are so professional and kind – a rare thing to come by today! Thanks for everything.”
Lance D.

“We were extremely pleased with Mrs. Radcliffe and all her assistants. They did an outstanding job for us!”
Richard & Bonnie H.

“It was a very pleasant experience working with Ms. Radcliffe and staff. They kept me well informed on how the case was progressing.”
Cornelius M.

“Mr. Rowe was very professional and explained things to me in terms that I could understand. He has a trusting nature about him – he’s a real stand up guy. … Your service was great! Thank you. You all made me feel important and taken seriously. Thank you and Go Bucks!!”
Clifton H.

“Ms. Radcliffe’s expert knowledge, dedication and professionalism were critical in my receiving a favorable decision. Thanks!”
Ronald S.

“Mr. Todd is an excellent attorney. I am very pleased with the way he handled my case. I will recommend him and your firm to my family and associates. Thank you.”
Thomas B.

“Hiring an attorney was the best thing I could have done. Thank you for all your help.”
Robert S. (WWR)

“Shane was very helpful and informative on all steps of my case. He returned all my calls in a very timely fashion. I will recommend my friends and family.”
Steve P.

“I saw your ad on TV and am glad that I came to you with my Social Security Disability case. Your office’s great communications kept me informed and updated on my case. I will recommend your firm to friends, relatives and business associates.”
Barry R.

“Mr. Rowe was very helpful to me in my Pensacola personal injury case and we received maximum settlement.”
Jim H.

“I appreciate all the help to make a scary experience easier to get through. Thank you Wanda.”
Happy C.

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