Worker’s Compensation


Have you suffered an accident or injury while on the job?  Has your employer denied you the benefits that you are entitled to receive under Florida’s workers’ compensation law?

A work-related injury can be a life-changing event.   Oftentimes an on the job injury can result in a permanent injury and an inability to earn a living.  Injured workers often experience financial hardships that not only affects them but their whole family.

At Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon, Galen M. Novotny has handled workers’ compensation claims for both employers and injured worker since 2000.   With insight obtained from handling claims from both the employer and injured worker’s perspective, Galen M. Novotny has been successful in securing workers’ compensation benefits on behalf of injured workers throughout Northwest Florida.

Whether your entire claim has been denied, you are not timely receiving the medical treatment you need, or you are not receiving proper compensation for your lost wages, our attorneys are ready to fight for you to receive the benefits you are entitled.

What benefits are you entitled to receive under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Law? 

Pursuant to Florida law, it is the injured worker’s burden to prove that they have suffered an injury in the course and scope of their employment and as a result has a need for medical treatment that was caused by the on the job injury.

As an injured worker, you will need the medical opinion of an authorized treating physician (the doctor picked and paid for by the employer) to testify that you suffered an on the job accident, that there is a need for medical treatment, and that the on the job accident is the major contributing cause (reason) for the need for treatment.

Once this is established, an injured worker may be entitled to any of the following benefits:

  • Medical Benefits – any medical treatment that is causally related to the on the job injury and recommended by your authorized treating physician;
  • Temporary Total Disability Benefits – compensation for lost wages if you are placed on a no work status by your authorized treating physician;
  • Temporary Partial Disability Benefits – compensation for lost wages if you are released to work on a light duty/restricted duty status;
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits – lost wages on a permanent basis if you are unable to return to work on a permanent basis;
  • Impairment Benefits – compensation for the permanent physical injury that you sustained;
  • Settlement – a one-time lump sum payment in exchange for a waiver to any entitlement to any past, present or future benefits that you would otherwise be entitled to receive under Florida’s workers’ compensation law.

Whys should you hire an attorney for a Workers’ Compensation claim? 

It is very difficult for the average worker in Florida to navigate the complex workers’ compensation system alone.  The employer and the workers’ compensation carrier will have a team of trained professionals to fight your claim.  Without the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side, you may not obtain the medical and wage benefits that you deserve.

If you are experiencing any of the following, you should consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney:

  • Your claim has been denied;
  • You are not receiving the necessary medical treatment for the on the job injury;
  • You are not being properly compensated for your loss in income/wages;
  • You do not believe your treating physician is providing the care you need;
  • The employer or workers’ compensation carrier offers to settle your case.

If you have been hurt on the job, please contact Emmanuel Sheppard and Condon for a free and confidential consultation with Galen M. Novotny to learn what benefits you are entitled to receive under Florida’s workers’ compensation law.  If it is necessary for our firm to assist you in pursuing the benefits you deserve there is no fee unless a recovery is made.  If your benefits were wrongfully denied, then the employer/carrier will be responsible for the attorneys’ fees.